Saturday, July 19, 2008

Is Polygamy A Sin?

One of the greatest challenges facing Christianity today is the question of polygamy. Is polygamy a sin? If so, why? If not, why not?

The polygamy issue is both complex and controversial. Since there are plenty of good arguments on each side, Christianity has reached a stalemate regarding whether or not polygamy is a sin. Even giants of the faith have been divided on this issue. Luther and Calvin, for example, took opposite views. Sincere Christians today are still divided.Why Is Christianity Divided On Polygamy?

There are several reasons why Christianity has been divided on this controversial topic.

First, nowhere in the Bible does God clearly and explicitely state whether or not He prohibits polygamy. Even theologians on the anti-polygamy side admit this. Therefore, when making their case, those on each side of this issue use implications from Scripture that seem to support their side. Here are two prime examples:

PRO: God never criticised the patriarches for having multiple wives. Therefore, God approves of polygamy.

CON: God created Adam and Eve. He did not create Adam, Eve, and Betty. Therefore, God disapproves of polygamy.Second, this is a complex issue and nobody is infallible; not even the giants of the faith.Third, everyone has biases. Few people approach Scripture without some built-in pre-suppositions.

But there's also a fourth reason why anti-polygamists cling to their position with tooth and nails. Beyond the interpretation of complex biblical passages, there are also complex ethical ramifications which could have a major impact on both Christianity and society as a whole. This is why many are reluctant to surrender to the position that polygamy just might be an ethical option.America is a melting pot of various cultures. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that various groups are pushing to make polygamy both ethical and legal within the United States. Truly, polygamy is a hot potato!

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